Writing Task 2: Travel

Traveling in a group is a preferable for some people. Others who do not share this idea want to have a trip alone. How would you like to travel: alone or in a group? Present enough reasons and examples for your choice.

Traveling is now becoming facile due to the improvement in vehicles and cheaper expenses. A lot of people travel every single day, they do it with other people or by themselves. In my case, I favor going outside with my friends or my familiar ones.

The first gain of traveling with relationships is turning their sentiment better. People can interact with others when they perform together. For instance, they can make a plan, choose a pertinent time, customize destinations that were opted for, and chill the tour. I had a memorable trip, it happened last year when the weather was turning to summer. I and my high school friends decided to make a trip to Da Nang, a city in Vietnam, we prepared a lot and brought several things, then we had a wonderful time eating meals, sharing our stories that we did’t have time to do in normal days, and staying up overnight together to drink beer. Through this experience, we understood each other more, and perhaps we obtain more tours in the future.

The second reason that helps me choose to travel in a group is the reduction of costs and the diminished risks. Booking a tour with other people can save lots of charges such as tour fees and service fees, moving fees, and purchase fees cause all fees are divided on each one, moreover, we maybe get a fortune discount from organizers. In addition, when we go with our companions we can refrain from unpredictable dangerous circumstances that we may meet in our itineraries. Providing that we go climbing or skiing then an accident occurs like falling down from the mountain or falling out of skiboard and no any rescue team can go straight to you. It is such a bad thing, however, luckily you have friends beside you, and they can save you right away. Many people were met numerous bad situations while traveling alone, and some of them died. Pitiful things can happen at any moment without previous alert and we can’t realize them, therefore, we should go with companions.

These opinions and experiences can’t be found by personal travel. There is a variety of undeniable benefits if people make a trip alone, nevertheless, I strongly believe traveling with a team attains plenty of worthy things

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