Writing Task 2: Sample Essay

World peace is maintained through the threat of nuclear weapons. Nuclear power also provides cheap and clean energy. Therefore many people say that the benefits of nuclear energy outweigh the disadvantages. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear technology and give your opinion.

Several individuals are of the opinion that nuclear energy has many benefits as compared to the problems it brings. I, however, think that the advantages of nuclear outweigh the disadvantages. The essay below will discuss the cons and pros of nuclear technology at length.

First and foremost, nuclear power provides affordable and clean energy. Generating this kind of energy does not need a lot of money, even poor nations can afford it. Therefore, I think there are more benefits to using nuclear energy than the problems. For instance, there are some developing countries such as Zambia and Malawi which are already using nuclear power in some parts of the cities. Moreover, when compared to other sources of fuel such as fossil, the power generated from nuclear is clean . For instance, after using nuclear power for six months, London had a 33% reduction in air pollution.

On the other hand, nuclear as a source of energy has disadvantages, it is unsafe as some people use it to make dangerous weapons which lead to the death of innocent souls. I, however, think this is not a problem because the government can introduce strict laws and even penalties for those using weapons without a license. For example, countries such as Ukraine and Russia have laws which restrict untrained individuals to use such dangerous weapons.

In conclusion, there are more advantages of using nuclear power as compared to the disadvantages, it is clean and cheap although it takes many years to construct the towers. These and other views have been discussed in the essay above.

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