Writing Task 2: Career Sample essay


After I accomplish my Master’s degree, applying all the knowledge and experiences to my beloved country will be my biggest expectation. Indonesia is the fourth in the world regarding as country with the most internet users 171 million. The information spreads widely, but the truth is uncontrollable. According to the Indonesia survey institution’s KIC survey, there are 30-60% of people in Indonesia exposed to fake news on the internet. Meanwhile, there are only 20% of the people that able to identify fake news. I would love to invent an application that identifies fake news. And I hope this invention will reduce the exposure of fake news to 0%.

As a starting point and my short-term plan, I will work for a big news agency as a Data Scientist. The Master’s degree will benefit me the most to get a job in one of the top news agencies. Working in the company will give me a huge chance to apply all the knowledge also practice I got during my study. At the same time allows me to acquire knowledge from the company for at least 3-5 years ahead. My short-term goal is to gain an understanding of the characteristic of news. As a data scientist, I should learn furthermore about the application of Natural language processing and Text-mining that I learned from my Master’s degree, as a foundation of fake news detectors that I will develop. After acquiring knowledge from the company, I plan to build a fake news detector application from the project that I made in my Bachelor’s degree.

Combining the knowledge from the Master’s degree and my working experience into the application will be my mid-term career goal. Following the plan, I will work simultaneously with the news agencies and propose this invention as a measuring tool to verify the news that they will be issued. So, the readers will get the trust score or how trustworthy it is.

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