Writing Task 2

Write an essay of 250 words about the following topic: School reopening during the covid-19 pandemic is the cause for concern and poses quite a few problems.What should be done to make a safe return to school for all?

The re-opening of school followed by coronavirus has led to certain concerns and issues. This essay will discuss how the pandemic has affected people’s lives and solutions to problems resulting from it.

Obviously, on returning to school, students and teachers run a higher risk of infection. As Covid is transmitted through saliva and body fluids, people are put in jeopardy of being infected within the educational environment. To illustrate, just s single cough or sneeze could contain the virus and approach an individual at a distance of under 5 feet. Schools’ re-opening can also raise the anxiety of many students and parents. Many a student is concerned about the serious disease situation and may experience difficulty in trying to return to normal life before the pandemic. This results in a sense of anxiety and worriedness for parents, hence the uncertainty to bring their children to class. For instance, primary students may undergo hardship in connecting with classmates and teachers after a long period of quarantine.

Therefore, it is vital for all to find ways to deal with these problems. First of all, schools need to follow the instructions of the government to protect themselves from Covid 19. This is because the authorities are capable of supplying residents the most appropriate and effective ways to prevent themselves from being exposed to coronavirus. Specifically, This could include a variety of measures. For example, according to the Ministry of Health in Vietnam, citizens must wear masks in public, during gatherings of over 50 people, sanitize their hands frequently, etc. Secondly, schools have the responsibility to educate students, teachers, and parents on Covid 19. Since an innumerable amount of people are still unaware and uninformed on the subject of coronavirus, they ought to be provided with the knowledge to efficiently protect themselves. In addition, they shall also feel more at ease handling the pandemic as an individual. In particular, at schools in Hanoi, parental meetings are held before the big day to equip parents with the necessary information and medical appliances

In conclusion, although with the return of students to school, problems such as the jeopardy of being infected or hardship in getting used to life on a regular basis have been encountered, people could address them by obeying the instructions of the government and receive formal education on the virus.

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