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To meet the growing need for food to support an increasing population, a country should make use of edible insects as a food source. However, some people believe that insects are not only unhealthy but harvesting them will also negatively affect nature. What are the benefits and drawbacks of eating insects? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.You should write at least 250 words.


As the growth of our population which was infect the rose of our foods needed, a country could use an insects for their new food supplies. Although some person trust that we were not supposed to eat insects because it is not good for our health and we could get bad effect after we harvested them.

There is a good reason for us to make an insects as our new food supplies. If we start to consumed insects, the price of another food will be decreasing because their demand will go down. Another good idea, the supply of insects was very large in this era. We also don’t need a big space if we are going to farm them, because they physically small and easily fit. Their needs is not complicated because they usually lived in the open air.

Insects have many kind of species that we should observe if we are going to eat them. Some kind of them have poison in their body that can give us after effect if we ate them. That can be a positive or negative effects. With their small postures, we hardly recognize which kind of insects it is, then we need more time to know is it consumeable or not.

Insects could be our new food source, but we should have a research first about any kind of insects that can we eat. After get the research’s result, the government of the country supposed to give knowledge to their people which kind of insects is safe to be consumed and how to mark each kind of insects.

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