Write back to them stating why you chose the first course, your views on the suggested second course and your plan of action.

You had applied to City College recently. Now the college has written back saying the course you applied for is full and they have even suggested an alternative course. Write back to them stating
-why you chose the first course,
-your views on the suggested second course
-and your plan of action.

Dear Sir,

I am writing in response to your letter of March 13th, wherein you statedthe news of my non-admission to the ‘Graduate Diploma in Computer Animation’ program for the fall 2010 session. Your letter cited my application’s lateness and the program’s full occupancy as the reasons for the denial, along with an alternative course suggestion in ‘Web Designing’.

My choice to pursue the Computer Animation course stemmed from its increasing prominence in today’s professional landscape, and I was particularly drawn to your institution as it pioneered this program in Punjab. Many of my peers have ventured to Delhi to partake in similar courses, highlighting the substantial job opportunities available in this evolving field. Additionally, the relative newness of this course reduces the intensity of competition, making it an appealing prospect.

My academic background comprises a master’s degree in computer science from Khalsa College Jalandhar, where I extensively covered the fundamentals of Web Designing as part of my curriculum. Given my prior exposure to this subject, I believe that enrolling in a Web Designing course would be redundant for me.

I kindly request that you reconsider my application for the ‘Graduate Diploma in Computer Animation’ in the upcoming spring 2011 session. I am willing to patiently await this opportunity, as I believe it would be highly worthwhile. Your prompt response will greatly assist me in making the necessary preparations.

Yours faithfully,

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