Cambridge IELTS 9 Test 4 Writing Task 1.

The graph below depicts information from a 2008 report about consumption of energy in the USA since 1980 with projections until 2030. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 9 Test 4 Writing Task 1.

U.S. Energy Consumption by Fuel (1980-2030)

the graph below gives information from a 2008

Sample Essay

The line graph shows information about energy use in the USA since 1980 with projections to 2030. The information is from a report published in 2008.

Overall, the U.S. had depended most on petrol and oil, and least on nuclear, solar/wind and hydro power, as its sources of energy, and this was expected to continue into the future.

Petrol and oil had remained the greatest sources of energy, with an increase of 5 quadrillion units from 1980’s 35 quadrillion units. Growth was projected to continue to approximately 50 quadrillion units in 2030.

Energy uses from natural gas and coal had been similar, both fluctuating between 16 and 25 quadrillion units. However, consumption from coal was projected to have a greater increase and by 2030 the US was expected to consume about 30 quadrillion units of energy from coal versus 25 quadrillion units from natural gas. 

Nuclear, solar/wind and hydro power each supplied only around 3 quadrillion units of energy in 1980. While the first two sources were predicted to rise slightly to roughly 7 and 5 quadrillion units respectively in 2030, the last was forecast to remain essentially unchanged. 

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