Power from the Earth IELTS Reading Answers: IELTS Academic and General Reading Preparation

The exam is challenging for many individuals who want to work in a foreign country. We have a new IELTS reading answers passage that will give you the most necessary information for your preparation if you are studying for the test and seeking new reading solutions passages.

The topic of earth-based electricity This article discusses reading answers. Try to answer the questions after reading the material. This will help you prepare for the exam.

The scores are the goal that students strive for in this prestigious and beneficial examination. Everything is determined by your grades because great grades can take you to the best institutions in the country, which is crucial to igniting your life and making your future worthwhile.

IELTS Exam Preparation

The reading test involves questions that must be answered carefully and thoroughly. There are also 40 questions in this area. Each right answer receives one mark (raw score).

IELTS Exam: Question 1

Which paragraph contains the information below? Fill in the blanks on your response sheet using the letters A-I.

_________ the history of the development of geothermal power.

Answer: E

_________ one country’s use of geothermal power.

Answer: H

_________ a comparison between various energy sources.

Answer: D

_________ how geothermal energy can produce electricity.

Answer: C

_________ conditions which permit access to geothermal power.

Answer: B

_________ problems of geothermal exploration.

Answer: G

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IELTS Exam: Question 2

Do the following assertions support the author’s point of view in the passage?

Yes, if the statement supports the writer’s viewpoint.

No, if the statement contradicts the writer’s point of view

if it is impossible to comprehend the writer’s point of view on this, then write not given

  1. A) It is currently impossible to access geothermal energy at depths greater than 3 km.
  2. B) The production of geothermal energy generates a large number of by-products that might be harmful to the environment.
  3. C) The World Geothermal Congress was successful in raising funds for this type of research.
  4. D) The cost of producing geothermal energy remains high.
  5. E) A single geothermal power station can take a decade to build.
  6. F) Geothermal energy can provide Japan with a fourth of its annual energy needs.
  7. G) The depletion of fossil fuel resources will determine the future of geothermal energy.

IELTS Reading Answer

Not GivenNot Given

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