Mixed Charts: Task 1

The chart below shows what Anthropology graduates from one university did after finishing their undergraduate degree course. The table shows the salaries of the anthropologists in work after five years.

This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 15 Test 4 Writing Task 1.

Destination of Anthropology graduates (from one university)

the chart below shows what anthropology graduates

Salaries of Anthropology graduates (after 5 years’ work)

salaries of anthropology graduates

Sample Essay

The pie chart displays what one university’s graduating Anthropology students went on to do after completing their undergraduate degree, while the table illustrates how much the anthropologists who found jobs earned after 5 years.

Overall, the majority of the graduates had full-time jobs. In addition, while a significant proportion of the freelance consultants and government employees earned at least $75,000, only roughly half of the private sector employees did.

Just over half of the graduates went on to work full-time, compared with only 15 percent working part-time and 12 percent unemployed. Those who did full-time postgraduate study and those who did postgraduate study while working part-time each only made up a small minority of the graduates, at 8 and 5 percent respectively.

Moving on to their salaries, 80 percent of the freelance consultants earned at least $75,000, half of whom were in the highest salary range of more than $100,000. Although there were also 80 percent of the government employees making no less than $75,000, a relatively high proportion of the government employees, at 50 percent, earned at least $100,000. In comparison, only 55 percent of those working for private companies made a minimum of $75,000. The proportions of the freelance consultants and government employees who were in the lowest salary bracket of $25,000 to $49,999 both stood at only 5 percent, versus 10 percent for those employed in the private sector.

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