More and more people no longer read newspapers or watch TV programmes to get news. They get their news from the Internet. Is this a positive or negative development?

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An increasing number of people do not get news from traditional media anymore. Instead, they turn to the Internet for it. I believe this is a positive development because consuming news online offers more fun and also helps it circulate fast.

It is much more fun to get news online than from traditional media. On the Internet, a person can discuss their favorite current affairs with like-minded people. Take Tesla enthusiasts for example. If they read news about the latest model on Twitter, they can share their excitement and discuss in the comments whether the model is worth buying. This is much more fun than watching the news on TV with their aunts who know nothing about electric cars.

In addition, news travels faster on the Internet than on traditional media. This is because once a person reposts a news story on social media, all their friends and colleagues will see it as well. And, the more public attention it gets, the more likely the related problem is to be solved. For example, a video showing a white woman blocking a black man from entering his own apartment building went viral on Facebook. This pressured her employer to take a stand against her discriminatory behavior, with the result that she lost her job.

In conclusion, the Internet not only offers a more fun way to consume news but also allows it to spread fast. Thus, it is a positive development that the Internet is becoming more and more popular as a news source.

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