IELTS Writing Task 1 – Revenues and Expenditures of a Children’s Charity in the USA

The given two pie charts summarizes the revenues and expenditures by a charity for children situated in the USA by the year 2016.

At the onset it is clear that total revenue was higher than expenditures by roughly 300,000 dollars. The greatest source of money was donated foods while program services took away most of the funds.

Talking about the revenue sources, well above three quarters, which is 86.6%, of the total income came from donated foods. From the remaining categories, community contributions was the second highest impactful source by bringing in 10.4% of the income. Program revenue and other income made up a very small amount, 2.2% and 0.4% respectively. Similarly, by contributing 0.2% each, investment income and government grants contributed the least in the income of the charity.

Coming to the expenditures, a large portion of the costings were occupied by program services, which is 95.8%. Among the remaining tiny source of expenses, fundraising took 2.6% while management and general cut 1.6% of the charity’s total budget. The total revenue was $53,561,580 which was just enough to cover the expenditures of $53,224,896.

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