IELTS Task 2 Writing Band 9 – Simple but Challenging

IELTS Task 2 Writing

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live?

Give reasons for your answer using your own ideas and experience.

Write at least 250 words.

STEP 1 – Paraphrase the question to make sure you understand it and in order to gather useful vocabulary.

These days, making dishes has become simpler than in the past. Has this development made individuals lives better?

Explain your thoughts with your own notions and background.

STEP 2 – Identify CLEARLY the topic and controlling idea(s) – ALWAYS use the original question.

Topic = Food preparation

Controlling Idea = is easier (relative to the past) food preparation better for people?

What is food preparation?

The process of creating desirable dishes from raw ingredients.

Why do we prepare food?

For pleasure and for nutrition

How do we prepare food?

Using the microwave oven, stove, gas, fire, glass-top, slicing, chopping, blending, mixing, combining ingredients, cooling

What is easier food preparation compared to the past?

It is faster, it requires less physical effort, easier or more convenient to get ingredients, less training needed, more control over the process

Why does this make people’s lives better (or worse)?

Saves people time which can be invested elsewhere. Makes cooking safer. Enables people to eat a broader range of dishes – more nutrients.

How do we prepare food in an easier way?

Through the use of modern technology and the greater availability of ingredients in local stores. 

Thesis: The process of preparing meals has become significantly easier than before, and I believe this has led to a positive improvement for individuals, as they are able to save more time and experience more cuisines.

***Note – in good writing, authors do not use “etc.” or “things” as these words have zero value for the reader, and in fact, has the reader guessing, so don’t use these.

(Always use a more accurate noun instead of “things” – ex. activities)

Introductory Paragraph

(Hook) Preparing food is a challenge most people face on a daily basis. (background – definitions and importance) Fortunately, modern-day innovations like kitchen robots and the convenience of international food exports and supermarkets have made cooking at home much easier. Clearly, this is having a major impact on people’s lives and eating. (Thesis) I genuinely believe this ease of preparing meals nowadays has led to a positive improvement for individuals, as they are able to save more time and experience more cuisines every day.

Body 1 (Topic Sentence – a deeper, clearer definition of point 1 in your thesis)

Preparing the same dishes today as a century ago requires a fraction of the time as it did back then which leads to an overall improvement in life quality, as time saved in the kitchen can be invested elsewhere. (Explain – why does this happen, why is life better?) Todays, mixing machines can create dough within ten minutes as to where the same process took an hour of kneading by hand before the mid-1900s. Furthermore, baking that dough into a loaf of bread is achieved in just an hour with a convection oven as where it took at least three hours in a wood stove in years past. The saved hours can be spent on playing games with children or learning a new skill like playing the piano. (Example) I know that my grandmother used to slave away in the kitchen for hours to put quality meals on the table, but my mother now does the same in just a couple hours a day. Aside from cooking, she has time for hobbies like photography and planning picnics for the family. (Connecting/concluding sentence) My grandmother would agree that this is certainly an improvement.

Body 2 (More cuisines + easier + improvement = Topic Sentence) (easier accessibility)

Furthermore, it has become simpler to procure and prepare meals from around the world, thanks to the wide availability of international ingredients that can be found at most local supermarkets. This not only provides a broader palate of tastes at home but also arguably more nutrition. (Explanation) About a hundred years ago, local grocers offered foods that were grown in the region, but now, supermarkets offer ingredients from Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas which make it possible for the cook to quickly create new dishes from international recipes. (Example) In my family, we have different international food nights each week, like Tuesday is Italian night, and Friday is French cuisine. This makes eating at home fun and exciting, as well as highly nutritious. Again, this is a clear benefit of the ease of preparing foods nowadays compared to before.


In conclusion, the significantly easier food preparation these days, meaning faster and broader cuisines, has brought about many changes in the average household. I strongly believe that this is for the betterment of most individuals as this development enables people to do more with their day and to serve greater food variety. It is difficult to imagine life now where half the day is spent on making meals.

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