IELTS task 1

The diagrams give information about changes in a student accommodation.

student accommodation in 2010 and now

The maps illustrate how a student accommodation building has changed from 2010 to the present.
Overall, there have been many significant changes in the building between 2010 and today. Looking at the maps, it can be clearly seen that the student bedrooms and the gardens have experienced extensive modification over the same time period.

As can be seen from the maps, the building was a relatively green area with three gardens to the northwest, the north, and the south of the map in 2010. However, only the northern one remains unchanged in the here and now while the others were knocked down to make way for a new student bedroom and a car park. Moreover, the addition of two bedrooms brings the number of the student ones to 5, replacing the former living room.

Turning to the other features, the current building has a lot of doors added to travel more easily between the rooms and the exterior. Other major changes include the instruction of an en-suite room and the construction of a new social area in the kitchen. The big bathroom in the center part of the map, however, remains at the same location.

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