• How did the day start?
  • What went wrong?
  • Who were the people involved?

And explain why was it stressful?

Sample Answer

There are many stressful days that I can recall during my studies and my work. But a particular one from my work comes to mind clearly. It was two years ago in the month of December during my first job. My team was working on a project that had a short deadline. The client was a major one, and the task was very difficult.

I was a part of an eight-member team who worked day and night to complete a working draft of the project two days before the submission date. The problems started after reviewing it when we found out many small issues throughout the application.

Without wasting time I started working on solving the problems and came back home from work very late. I was thinking of taking rest as the next day was my weekly off. Suddenly, late in the evening, I received a call from the office and had to rush back as the solutions were not working out as the team’s work was not systematic.

I started working again and went on through the night. I was tired and sleepless but I kept on working since the work was a priority. After a quick meeting with my team, I went back home for an hour and then returned to the office. Taking the day off was not an option and I spent the entire day running around the office working on the project. We were finally able to create the final draft for the client late in the night just before the submission date. It was indeed a hectic day but I am not tensed by such experiences just because they teach us a lot of things.

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