IELTS Reading Under 20-Minutes for a Band 9 Tips

This lesson helps you read, understand, and answer a passage in 20 minutes or less time. The lesson is presented to you at Use code XR9T to get a 25% discount from the Premium Package. It’s a one-time payment for lifetime access. You get all 18 reading passages and much more! This lesson gives you an example passage about the London Underground and covers, Yes/No/Not Give (also called True/False/Not Given), Summary Completion, and Sentence Ending Completion type questions. You get the answer key as well as reading audio by a native British English gentleman. If you are taking the IELTS exam, this video is a must-watch, it will help you to improve your comprehension as well as your reading fluency. You will gain confidence in the Reading Section and your band score is sure to improve. In Academic IELTS reading, you have three passages like this and you have an average of 20-minutes to read, answer, and review each passage. In the General Module of IELTS, you have one passage like this for Reading Section 3 which you need to be able to complete in 20 minutes or less. Make sure to check out our website, use the discount code, and visit us on Instagram, @ielts_aehelp.SHOW MORE

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