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IELTS General Essay Sample 3

Is Wealth a Guarantee to Happiness? – Part A

Several people believe that money is the key to happiness, and in fact, they think that the more money you have, the happier you become. In contrast, others believe that having a lot of money is the root cause for more problems than the number of problems it solves. I believe that as long as people have enough money for basic amenities like food, health, and a safe place to live, all of the surplus money left tends to make life less more complicated than content.

Part B

There are many reasons to justify this. First of all, having a great deal of money means there is no real reason to go out to work or to strive for anything. Next, wealthy people often tend to attract the wrong lot of people. After a while, the rich people start to believe that the people around them are certainly after only one thing, to have a share in their money. This makes rich people more distrustful even to those good, trustworthy, and loyal people who happen to be their genuine friends.

Part C

One more result of having plenty of money comes with the fear of losing it. Rich people tend to build high walls around themselves and invest in top-notch tech security systems to keep their wealth away from the rest of the world. They also behave snobbishly with anyone they meet; they are always suspicious that the poor people around them are potential thieves or con artists.

Part D

For all the above and many other reasons, I feel that having a great deal of money does not bring happiness, but the opposite of happiness. It makes people lose sight of the real sources of happiness, which are more often simple things like family and friendship. Wealth prevents people from seeing the actual value and potential of things, only recognising what they cost.

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