General Writing Task 1

Teaching and National Prizes in Computer Science – Letter of recommendation for GKS-U


Dear Admission Committee,
As an IT teacher with many years of teaching experience who has trained many students to achieve many accolades in National Prizes in Computer Science and guiding students in the ISCEF competitions, I have taught many bright students throughout my career. Today, it is my honor to talk about one particular student I have been teaching Tien at the start of 12th grade. Even though it is not a long journey, he has successfully shown me that he is a student of great enthusiasm, intelligence, and independence who strives to live his life to the fullest every day. It is now my honor to recommend this student to your program.

Came from English class, while most of his classmates made no effort to study Computer Science, Tien showed excellent eagerness. He studied the materials before they were taught and often spent his time thinking about applying what I taught him: After learning about Excel, he used his knowledge about this fantastic tool to create his timetable, check his spending each month, and create his goals. In the mid-term examination, while other students were struggling with the exercises that I gave them, Tien solved them with ease which clearly showed that he is an excellent student and his skills were far in advance of his peers.

Outside of what Tien learned at school, he was interested in web development. Tien spent a month in the summer of 11th grade passionately learning to code websites. Even though a month was a relatively short amount of time to learn how to code, Tien successfully learned all the basics of web development and created a few simple websites and an Email clone with some essential functions. More incredible is that Tien learned how to code all by himself. Born in a low-income family, Tien had no access to paid courses like most people. Instead of giving up, he found books on the internet, youtube tutorials, or free Udemy courses he found online to develop his skills.

He is an outstanding student who permanently lives with his full passion, and with the quote, he always follows ” live your life to the fullest.” I believe he will achieve greatness in whatever he does in the future with his mindset, passion, intelligence, and quest for more. I highly recommend this student to you.

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