General writing Task 1

Motivation Letter for foreign university

I’m writing this letter to express my interest to enroll in the <course name> Degree program at <campus>. I am currently working as a Web & App Developer. I have achieved my Higher Diploma in Computer Science from International Asia Campus. I’ve always dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur in the software industry. I believe that a BSc related to Software Development combined with entrepreneurship skill training would set me miles ahead to reaching my goal.

Among the reasons to choose <Country> as my learning destination, lower costs comes first. Compared to other countries, lower course fees and living costs would help me to conveniently manage my finances. As most of the courses are conducted in English medium, and most young people in the society having the ability to understand English would definitely ease the language barrier till I become familiar with <Country> language. Looking at the background of Information Technology in the country, it really excited me to learn that a number of famous IT brands like ___app & __app originated in <Country>. The leading position the country has achieved in digitization, the support provided for the startups and the number of emerging IT related businesses are the few other factors that motivated me to make this choice.

I selected the <course name> degree program at <campus> as the result of a long research. I have been searching for a degree program to upgrade my qualifications in software engineering and also could help me to reach my entrepreneurship goal. And this course was an exact match to my expectations, that is also how I got to know about the <campus> . When I checked more information about the university, I particularly got interested in the classroom setup, which is a relatively small and friendly environment with students from different parts of the world. Since <campus> is located in the beautiful and digitized capital city Tallinn, I believe it would provide a number of benefits to both my career and lifestyle.

I am eagerly looking forward to joining the <course name> Degree program at <campus> and hope to receive a positive response. Please do not hesitate to reach out for further information. Thank you for your valuable time and kind consideration.


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