Essay writing: task 2

The expansion of multinational companies produces positive effects for everyone. Agree or disagree?


It is considered that the incredible growth of international corporations and their cross-border developments will have effective ways for people in the world or not. From my perspective, I tend to concur that the advantages of their footprints overweigh those disadvantages in numerous aspects.

In one respect, one of the most highlighted benefits has to expand great opportunities for occupational vacancies in different countries, which will solve the problem of labor resources in countries. They can hire blue-collar workers in economically developing countries at a lower price than in developed countries. Besides, globalization is to enhance the living standards of native people, and Samsung is one typical example. Once they localize their factories in Bac Ninh province, it has become a home for thousands of employees and offers all of them rest, transport, healthcare, and education.

In another respect, it is admitted that the drawbacks of the expansion of multinational companies limited the development of local companies, especially small ones. National companies have to compete with huge companies to seek high-quality employees because most people often apply to big companies to seek challenges to improve themselves. Moreover, national companies would be controlled in many aspects of the market by more successful companies. Price and quality of productions would be competitive among the companies, and the citizens tend to choose international brands.

To sum up, the rising international firms generate some problems; nevertheless, in my point of view, its benefits surpass in a lot of aspects for individuals.

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