Band 9: In many countries athletes earn much more money than professional like doctor, teachers or engineers.

Source: Writing 9

There are split opinions regarding player-earned income in developed nations. some believe doctors, engineers and teachers are underpaid whereas athletes represent the nation in front of other countries and earn more. However, both have their own pros and cons. Therefore before commenting on my strong opinion, both judgments would discuss in subsequent paragraphs.

Examining the first point of view, I strongly believe that it is very good for athletes to be paid more because the only a person who represents the culture and strength in national games. This is because becoming a professional required a lot of effort and major struggles. In ,addition other professionals like teachers and doctors have many pathways to join alternatives. Moreover, the reason is athletes are limited people as compared to different professions.

On the contrary, the latter view suggests that entertainers have lucrative careers while professionals such as doctors and engineers are less paid. As consider this as bad behaviour it should be equal from both sides. Besides this other professionals are more in numbers as compared to players who are few. In ,fact government needs to maintain the equilibrium of society. For example, a journey of a normal athlete to the best opponent has been researched by a dietician and doctor to give their body as best results on the field.

To conclude and give my impression, I would say that fortifying the pay to a player is the most ideal way to deal with this situation.

In the big, picture this would be equal for those who deserve the best. Nonetheless, other professions also need to recognise and well deserved better achievements level to keep them motivated and so on attracted careers.

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