Many offenders commit more crimes after serving their first punishment. Why is this happening, and what measures can be taken to tackle this problem?

Many offenders repeat committing crimes after their early punishment. This is mainly because the criminal doesn’t get much rehabilitation after serving the early punishment. There are several ways to tackle this problem.

Firstly, it may happen because a law system only punishes organized crime instead of trying to change their lives. Officers stay in their cells, and nothing changes. Their motivation for not coming back after getting free is only hating sitting in the cell. Secondly, when the offender is located in prison his community still has a lot of gangland. If they fit into the new society hostage wouldn’t find accomplices for future illegal actions. The early measure is resettlement. the hostage can be moved to another city to start living with new lifestyles and other habits. If they took a work instead of sitting in a prison cell, gangland would have a chance to get money fairly. Getting a new profession would have an influence on convicts and it can take new opportunities for mob belonging after prison.

In addition, convicts can be involved in cultural or volunteer activities to change their connections with other people. Solving social issues can be helpful because in these activities they can meet new people and make acquaintances.

In other words, captives can socialize by spending time with other people. In conclusion, there are several ways to reduce committing unlawful acts after serving the early crime. If governments took action for solving this important issue, illegal acts would be reduced, and releasing captives can benefit society.

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