Are We Managing to Destroy Science Reading Answers

Each multiple-choice question may require you to complete a statement by being given the first half of a sentence and then selecting the best option from the possibilities to complete it, or you may be asked to answer a whole question by selecting the option that best answers it.

It’s critical to know the distinction between “False” and “Not given.” “False” indicates that the passage contradicts the assertion in the issue. “Not given” signifies that the material in the paragraph neither confirms nor contradicts the statement.

Where words from the passage must be chosen, the instructions will specify how many words or numbers you must use in your responses, for example, no more than three words and/or a number of no more than two words. If you write more than the required number of words, you will receive a failing grade.

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IELTS Exam: Question 1

Finish the summary

For each response, choose one word from the passage.

In the UK, every five years, the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) inspects research institutions to determine their rate of ………. This tends to cause ……. in academic institutions because any failure would lead to ……. – financial consequences. RAE’s purpose, however, is to increase the academic output within research institutions. In response to the ……. of RAE, the research institutions are changing the way they do things. Some are forcing their research staff to ……. almost anything, while others are moving ……… from a laboratory focus to that of management. Another common approach utilized by management is to remove and ……. underperforming research staff. The authors of this paper feel that the pressure on UK research institutions is ………

IELTS Reading Answer


IELTS Exam: Question 2

Does the reading passage accord with the following statements?

False if the information offered contradicts the assertion.

True if the information provided contradicts the statement.

If there is no evidence to back up the claim, it is not given.

#Good researchers have frequently published authors.

#Industry people appear to comprehend the long-term nature of research.

#The private sector has produced more quality research than universities.

#Under the new approach, management may be the only ones who benefit.

IELTS Reading Answer

FalseNot given

IELTS Exam: Question 3

Senior scholars’ early publishing history might be useful.

A) disallow institutions to hire them.

B) Using current standards, calculate their odds of achieving any status.

C) Under the current requirements, support their application for an academic position.

D) Under the existing criteria, their academic prospects are harmed.

Answer: D

IELTS Exam: Question 4

New scientists with promise must be nurtured.

  1. A) Senior academics have been in charge for over a decade.
  2. B) Over ten years, they were guided in the development of their research.
  3. C) Over a decade of resources have been provided to help them establish their studies.
  4. D) Educated on the government’s long-term research strategy

Answer: C


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