Writing Task 1: Bar graph

The chart compares the outcomes of a research on the customers’ buying and drinking habits in five Australian cities.

It is clear that most people in these five cities like drinking coffee. Moreover, these coffee consumers preferred to go to a cafe rather than purchasing fresh or instant coffee in the past four weeks.

Buying coffee or tea in a cafe is the most popular among people in Sydney,Melbourne,Brisban and Hobart, which accounts for approximately 61%,64%,55% and 63% respectively. By contrast, fresh coffee is not welcomed in all five cities, especially in Brishban and Adelaide, whose proportion is both lower than 35%, at only 34%.

The percentage of consumers in these cities who use instant coffee ranks the second, except in Adelaide, where half of people drink instant coffee and this figure is just 1% higher than drinking in the cafe. Meanwhile, Hobart sees the largest amount of instant coffee,with the share of 54%.

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