Writing Task 1

W1:The movement of people from rural to urban areas in three countries and predictions for future .

A glance at the graph provided reveals the number of people in 3 nations who are fond of living in the metropolis rather than living in the countryside over the 25 years from 2000 .

It is evident that all three countries have had a steady increase in the number of migrants through many years . Particularly, country C has the largest proportion compared to 2 countries A and B respectively .

In 2000 , around 10 million people of nation B chose the city as the ideal place to live and lower than 3 million people as opposed to nation A . Whilst , just a small proportion of nation C nearly 5 million people moved from the city at the early stages . Experienced for 2 decades , this was followed by a period of exponential growth with citizens in country C reaching the same figure as country A . The figure in country B increased steadily ; however , the population gap was just one-quarter of that of the two remaining countries .

By 2025 , the population in nation C is expected to be nearly 100 million people . To be specific , the figure ‘s nation C has a steep rise over 5 years and nation A also goes up slightly above 85 million people . By contrast , nation B’s growth is far less striking than the other two countries and will have stability in the figure during the same period.

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