Vocabulary Today: April 17

Word of the day: “Ignominiously

in a dishonourable manner or to a dishonourable degree

Examiner: Have you ever failed?
Candidate: Yes, I have experienced failure, and one instance stands out quite vividly. I once attempted to organize a charity event for the local community, but it ended ignominiously. Despite my best efforts, logistical issues and a lack of support led to its failure. It was a humbling experience that taught me valuable lessons about effective planning.

Things that happen ignominiously occur in a shameful, dishonourable, or underhanded way. If a baseball team is defeated ignominiously, it’s so badly trounced that every player feels embarrassed about the game.

If a government uses violence against political protesters, silencing them and blocking their access to reporters and the Internet, it behaves ignominiously. If you cheat on a test, you’re acting ignominiously and should feel ashamed about it. In Latin, ignominiosus means “disgraceful or shameful,” from the root ignominia, literally “loss of a good name.” In other words, if you act ignominiously, you risk losing your good name.

Synonyms: discreditably, disgracefully, dishonourably, dishonourably, ingloriously, shamefully

Collocation of the day: “Widespread+”

  1. (the) widespread [use, distribution, deployment, consumption] (of)
  2. widespread [news, phone, sports] coverage
  3. there is widespread coverage (today) of the [meeting, rally]
  4. widespread [internet, public] access
  5. [there was, it caused] widespread panic [in, across] the city
  6. widespread [disease, infection, illness, epidemic, poverty]
  7. a widespread [issue, problem, concern, worry, evil]
  8. it is a widespread [conviction, belief, theory] that
  9. corruption is widespread in [society, sport, politics, the party]
  10. [gained, gathered] widespread [interest, backing, support]
It is a widespread belief that individual success is the result of hard work rather than luck. I fully agree with this statement, as I believe the most successful individuals are those who consistently work hard. While luck may play a role in creating opportunities, it is hard work that sustains success.

Phrasal Verb of the day: “Find Out”

to get some information about something/somebody by asking, reading, etc.

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  • She’d been seeing the boy for a while but didn’t want her parents to find out.
  • I haven’t found anything out about him yet.
  • Visit our website to find out more.
  •  Can you find out what time the meeting starts?
  •  We found out later that we had been at the same school.
This essay will try to find out the causes behind it.

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