The charts below show the percentage of water used for different purposes in six areas of the world.

» You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.
The charts below show the percentage of water used for different purposes in six areas of the world.
Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.
» Write at least 150 words.

The charts below illustrate the proportion of the use of water in several areas of the world in three categories.

Based on the chart, agricultural use is the largest for the majority of the water used in South America, Africa, and Asia areas from 71 % up to 88%.

The purposes of water used are almost the same in the Africa and Asia areas. The percentages in agricultural use are the main purposes in those areas up to over 80%. Besides, the use in industrial and domestic are under 10% except for the domestic use in South East Asia has slightly different to the other.

By contrast, the used water in Europe and North America is reflected in the same purposes. The used water in industrial contribute the largest part of the water used in Europe and North America on average around 50% and over 30% of water is used in agricultural use and domestic use only shares 13-15% in total.


The writer has not specifically identified the type of image that was provided in the report. This will result in an inaccurate summary of information. The type of image is required as a part of the task accuracy consideration for that paragraph. Therefore, the type of image and number of images must be provided at the start of the presentation as it serves as the basis for the succeeding information. Since the reader is assumed to not have any copy of the image, the proper image presentation will help the reader create the required mental image for a better understanding of the image yet to be provided and analyzied.

A summary overview also requires a minimum of 3 sentences. This is often achieved by properly summarizing the notable information and then working in the trending assessment into the same first paragraph. That way the reader will be given a comprehensive summary of the notable information.

There is no real trending statement provided in this essay. A trending statement cannot contain actual numerical data from the images as it is to represent an assessment of information rather than an actual analytical report.

The reporting paragraphs would have been clearer if it indicated how the water was used per area first. That would make it a proper topic anchor and introduction sentence. Allowing the reader to better follow the discussion going forward into the reading.

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