IELTS Speaking Cue card # A foreign city you would like to visit

Describe a foreign city you would like to visit
You should say:

  • Its name.
  • How and when you would go there?
  • Who you would go with?

and explain why you would like to visit this city.

Sample Answer

I love traveling and exploring new places. Today, I’m going to talk about a foreign city I wish to visit. It’s London, the capital of United Kingdom.  Since London is about 7000 km from my hometown, the only viable modes of transport to reach there are water and air. If I were to choose between these two modes, I’d prefer a flight because it’ll take less time as compared to a cruise. From safety and economic points of view as well, I think going by air is definitely the better option.

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Talking about the time when I’ll go to London, I haven’t yet decided, maybe in summer this year. I don’t know who I’d take with me but it would probably be some people that are close to me, I feel that visiting a new place is more fun if you’re with your family or friends. I’ll have a word with my parents and friends, whoever wants to come with me is welcome.

Coming to the many reasons why I want to visit London, I guess the main reason would be my fascination with history and art. You see, London is one of the oldest multicultural cities in the world. I’ve read about the changes which transformed this city into a center of history, art, business, and education through many of its conquests of the world. And thus, London is home to world-class museums and art galleries, all having a different and unique story behind them.

Other than that London also happens to have the oldest underground railway system in the world. To visit the most popular tourist attractions of London has been on my bucket list for a long time. These include the London Bridge, National Art Gallery, and the British Museum. I’ve heard that the bakeries in London are some of the best out there. I’d love to see what they have to offer.

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