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The Diagrams Show the Structure of Solar Panel and its Use IELTS Task 1

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The diagrams show the structure of solar panel and its use.

The diagrams show the structure of solar panel and its use.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

The Diagrams Show the Structure of Solar Panel and its Use

Sample Answer 1

The charts illustrate the characteristics of solar panels and two possible uses. Firstly, the basic structure of a solar panel is shown, then how the warming process of air or water works.

Regarding the structure, it can be seen that a solar panel is formed by approximately a box, which has an inlet on one side and an outlet on the other side. This box has on it a transparent glass, that seals it and that is the part through which sun rays will pass.

Under the image describing the physical feats, some functions are explained. In particular, the first possible use of a solar panel is to generate warm air. This function is possible by letting air enter the box from the inlet and once is in, letting it heat up thanks to the sun rays that get refracted by the glass, thus creating warmer air that will be let flow from the outlet. On the other hand, an additional step is required to heat up water. More specifically, a tube that connects the inlet and the outlet is needed to let the water flow through it. Given this, the principle is the same, with solar energy heating up the water inside the tube, which will enter from one side and exit from the other.

In conclusion, it can be stated that this simple model can explain the basic principles of a solar panel, even if is not an accurate representation.  ieltsxpress

Structure of Solar Panel Task 1

Sample Answer 2

The diagrams provide an overview of the structure and functionality of a solar panel. They depict the key components of a solar panel, as well as how it harnesses solar energy to generate warm air or water.

Starting with the first diagram, it showcases the structural elements of a basic solar panel. The panel consists of a transparent glass sheet placed on top, along with an inlet pipe and an outlet pipe located on opposite sides.

Moving on to the second diagram, positioned on the left, it illustrates the process of solar energy absorption. Sunlight penetrates the transparent glass, heating the air that enters the panel through the inlet pipe. Consequently, the warmed air flows out of the panel through the outlet pipe, providing a source of warm air. ieltsxpress

The final diagram demonstrates the solar panel’s capability to produce warm water. Water enters the panel through an inlet pipe, which then circulates in an ‘S’-shaped pipe within the panel. As the sun’s rays shine on the panel, the water within the pipe absorbs the heat and exits the panel through the outlet pipe, delivering warm water for various purposes.

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