PTE Listening Score Calculator: How PTE Listening Score is Calculated?

PTE Listening Score Calculation

The aspiring candidates should know “how is the PTE score calculated??”

The performance in all eight activities determines the PTE Listening Score. The PTE listening section scores are based on two distinct types of PTE scoring systems: System of partial credit and correct or incorrect scoring. So, how PTE listening score is calculated? Here’s a breakdown of the PTE hearing score distribution per PTE listening question type (PTE marks calculator):

ItemNumber of Items ProvidedPrompt lengthScore systemSkills assessed
Summarize Spoken text2 to 360 to 90 secondsPartial CreditListening and writing
Multiple choice, choose multiple answers2 to 340 to 90 secondsFor each correct answer, some credit is given, and for each wrong option, a point is deducted.Listening
Fill in the blanks2 to 330 to 60 secondsPartial Credit for each Correct Word SpelledListening and writing
Highlight correct summary2 to 330 to 90 secondsCorrect or IncorrectListening and writing
Multiple-choice, choose a single answer2 to 330 to 60 secondsCorrect or IncorrectListening
Select missing word2 to 330 to 60 secondsCorrect or IncorrectListening
Highlight incorrect words2 to 320 to 70 secondsFor each accurate word, partial credit will be given, and points will be deducted if you choose the incorrect option.Listening
Write from dictation3 to 43 to 5 secondsFor each correctly spelled word, you will receive partial credit.Listening and writing

H3 PTE Listening Score Guide

There is no one-size-fits-all method or magic spell for getting a 79+ on the PTE Exam, but there are lots of creative and successful approaches.

You may come across a variety of resources, publications, and even coaches who guarantee a PTE Academic Test band 8 comparable result. But, for the time being, let’s set aside everything else, even the extensive suggestions and materials available on our website, and concentrate just on the dream score objective.

# Get your basics right

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There are about eight different sorts of listening questions on the PTE, but you don’t have to focus on each one. It is critical to understand that you should concentrate just on high-scoring questions.

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