PRONUNCIATION: How to say “-ious” endings correctly in English

Learn the different ways to say “-ious” endings in English. Precious, various, obvious, anxious, superstitious: What do these words have in common? They all end in “ious”. How do you pronounce the ending “ious”? Did you know there are two ways to pronounce “ious”? Many learners make mistakes with “ious” and pronounce it incorrectly. Watch this easy English class and improve your pronunciation immediately. In this video, I will teach you that we change our pronunciation of “ious” depending on what letter comes before the “ious”. For example, the words “anxious”, “conscious” and “cautious” share the same “ious” pronunciation, while “obvious” and “various” have a different “ious” pronounciation. Learning about “ious” pronunciations can also help you improve your English spelling. After the video, take the quiz at… Sign up for classes and get more resources at my website: More of my pronunciation videos to watch next: Silent Letters: When NOT to pronounce B, D, and L in English How to say the 10 most common verbs in English MORE

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