[PDF] Download Cambridge IELTS 17 Book Now Free

Cambridge Book 17 IELTS past test papers for the Academic test. These are real test papers that allow you to experience a real version of the IELTS test, prepare for it, and get an idea of your band score.

Authentic examination papers from Cambridge Assessment English provide perfect practice because they are EXACTLY like the real test. Inside IELTS 17 Academic with Answers with Audio you’ll find FOUR complete examination papers plus details of the different parts of the test and the scoring system, so you can familiarise yourself with the Academic test format and practise your exam technique.

Cambridge IELTS 17

Download the audio for the Listening tests, example Speaking test videos, answer keys with extra explanations and sample Writing answers (instructions on inner front cover), or access your audio and video directly via QR codes in the book.

Why Download Cambridge IELTS Book 17?

1. They are slightly tougher than the real exam.

All our students constantly tell us that the Cambridge books are tougher. This allows you to over prepare, and helps you avoid taking test after test, an unfortunate plight for too many IELTS students.

2. You can reverse engineer the questions.

With enough practice and reverse engineering you can start to spot questions being ‘set up’ in both the reading and listening papers.

This is an insanely valuable skill to have going into the exam and really only possible by completing and studying countless official exams.

3. Perfect for boosting your receptive skills (listening and reading)

While completing these exams you will not only be improving your exam skills, you will also be building your language skills, which I believe to be far superior skill to have.

4. A cost effective method for the Band 9 student

All our students who scored Band 8 and Band 9 in the listening or reading usually completed countless practice papers. Sure, some courses will try to sell you the ‘secret tips and tricks’ but at the end of the day there is no shortcut to IELTS success, see the end of this review for our methods.

5. Massive time saver for the student in a rush

If you have limited time available just complete one practice exam, then identify the types of questions costing you points. Is it TFNG? Multiple choice? Sentence completion?
Find out and then just focus on improving your skills for that exact question type.

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