IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic House or Apartment: Tactics to Score above Band 5

International English Language Testing System Writing Task 2 needs you to write an essay on a topic, statement or premise. This topic will be given to you by the examiner, to secure good marks you need to write what the examiners expect you to. It is advised you go through the question precisely so that every portion of the question is answered.

In this article, we will discuss a few tactics that you should follow to attain a good band with examples. That will show to the test taker that you are expressing every aspect of the task given to you. Read on to learn more about IELTS Writing Task 2 topic house or apartment analysis.

IELTS Writing Task 2

Understand how your International English Language Testing System Writing Task 2 is examined and the variation between Band 5, 6, 7 and 8 with tactics to enhance your score. You have to understand the four marking standards used by the test-takers in the IELTS Writing Task 2 to fulfil the standards of the score you desire.

The test taker will examine your International English Language Testing System essay using the four standards given below. Each standard holds the weightage of 25% of the total scores for the IELTS Writing Task 2.

Task Response
Coherence and Cohesion
Vocabulary (Lexical Resource)
Grammatical Range & Accuracy

This article will aim at the main scores band 5 to band 8. If you are trying for band 9, the major difference is the density of mistakes in your writing.

IELTS Writing Task 2 House or Apartment Sample Topic 1


Some people prefer living in an apartment while others believe living in a house brings more advantages. Which, out of the two, is better?

Model Answer One

A few people decide to stay in a house but staying in a modern apartment is assumed to be more beneficial by the other faction of people.

I highly agree with the 2nd group of people who like to live in a modern apartment rather than living in a house.

Staying in a modern apartment creates a close relationship among the family as there aren’t multiple floors. Members of the family get to spend extra time with each other while residing on the same floor as compared to staying on different floors in a traditional house.

Apart from that, the security in an apartment is very good. As the apartment’s community is constantly deployed with a considerable number of CCTV cameras on each floor, staircase and entrance. Along with the security guard who guards the main gate.

Society occasions and games give a platform to their children to play and interact with other kids who belong to different backgrounds and religions. It also motivates them to exhibit their talent in front of huge audiences which boosts their public speaking abilities.

In conclusion, staying in a modern apartment comparatively has extra plus points than living in a traditional house.

IELTS Band 5

In order to secure band 5, you have to explain all the parts of the question, write within the word limit given by the examiner and try to make fewer errors in tense, grammar and others.

IELTS Writing Task 2 House or Apartment Sample Topic Two

Some people prefer living in an apartment while others believe living in a house brings more advantages. Which, out of the two, is better?

Model Answer Two

The generation has transformed and so has the people’s lifestyle. Because of the change in way of living and development in technologies, society has started losing touch with their traditions. Some people still prefer living in a house, others, though, are interested in modern apartments. I would prefer living in a modern apartment, for many reasons that I will further mention below.

On the one hand, those who like to live in traditional houses are the ones who come across many problems with daily living. One of the common drawbacks of the house is that it’s difficult to use electronic goods which we like. So these folk miss the opportunities to interact with the updated technologies. The expenditure costs of these homes are comparatively extremely high.

On the other hand, the apartment gives safety in various ways. So the thieves can’t crash in easily. This is the perfect area where folk can enjoy most of the recent technologies. Modern apartment life helps us in developing good manners, planned work and cleanliness in an adequate manner.

Furthermore, we get to mingle around with many people who belong to different cultures or communities. For instance, a colleague of mine who moved out from a traditional house and is currently staying in a modern apartment got the chance to get to know people from other states and also as time passed by she became familiar with the latest technologies.

To conclude, the powerful era of technological growth has clearly deteriorated a few cultures of our country, which comprises traditional houses. However, both of them are totally different from each other. In a simple manner, we can conserve our culture which indicates our roots and origin by modern apartments, which need to be constructed in the form of our traditional houses.

IELTS Band 8

In order to secure Band 8, you need to understand the topic that is given by the test taker and have to explain all of the parts correctly of the question. You need to write more while comparing your viewpoints. Try to make fewer grammatical errors.

Model Answer Three

If people ask me where I would like to stay in a modern apartment building or traditional house, I would not think about it much, because the answer would be a modern apartment. From my perspective, this question is a debatable one. In the preceding paragraphs, I will compare both of these choices and exhibit my point of view.

On the one hand, residing in an apartment carries a lot of advantages. First thing, it is cheaper than staying in a house and paying various sorts of fees I am not aware of. For example, my mate, who recently purchased a traditional house for his family, said to me that it is much simpler to reside in a modern apartment and I used to believe him with his words because when I saw his bills it blew my mind.

So, residing in a modern apartment will actually help me save a few bucks. Also, I stay alone. I don’t require a huge house with multiple rooms. I only need a living room and a bedroom where I can invite my guests and have my personal workspace.

Apart from this, the major advantage of staying in an apartment is that I don’t need to purchase huge furniture for all rooms. Small furniture will be enough and also pocket friendly.

Though, residing in an apartment may have some drawbacks too. First and foremost, it can be loud and noisy and, secondly, I won’t have any privacy outside my flat, for instance, in a gym or a pool.

On the other hand, residing in a house has a few benefits too. For instance, I can have my own gym, a garden and a pool where I can get my personal space and relax. Though, residing in a traditional house is generally more costly and needs more time and cost for maintenance.

For example, I would most likely need to hire a person to take care of my pool by cleaning it, mowing my lawn, not to mention all the additional household work inside the house.

In conclusion, I would say it would be better to stay in a modern apartment at this moment. It will go a little easier on my pocket and can benefit me by saving some cash and allowing me to put more time into studying as I won’t be having much household work to do.

Model Answer Four

In modern cities different types of houses are available and each residing spot has a few benefits and drawbacks. I would prefer to buy a detached house which is a less modern apartment and a more traditional house. In my perspective, living in a regular house is spacious, independent and comfortable. Multistoried apartments have compromised areas and are crammed.

A place where a man can relax is called home. If a person owns a house as per his/her desires and wants, then he/she can have fun with his family and friends. Traditional houses are different buildings with limited touch with the neighbourhood. These traditional houses have a more private area, rooms for visitors, a garage, backyards and small compounds.  While residing in these types of houses you can manage to park 2 to 4 cars in the house. It is best for the cars’ protection as the cars are going to stay under the roof to avoid any kind of damage. UV rays are a boon from nature and it eradicates bacteria, making the smell disappear from rooms. A person in the front lawn and backwards can do gardening and enjoy his time. Various flowers which you get to grow in your garden add to the beauty of a house.

I wouldn’t prefer to stay in an apartment. These types of small houses don’t have parking places, separate rooms for visitors and backyards. The rooms are not spacious and don’t get proper sunlight which affects the health of humans. These kinds of buildings generally have shopping malls and offices on the ground floors that are the source of rush and noise.

Besides, if there is any kind of activity going on on one floor the above and floor down will have to face discomfort. Old and middle-aged people can not sleep in an environment that is noisy. You have to pay every month for the maintenance fee. That adds to your expenditures.

In conclusion, I would say I would prefer to live in a traditional house. Traditional houses have more open space and are good for family activities. You get your personal space, you can enjoy working out, can make your own garden filled with flowers, enjoy the day without too much noise and get comfortable and better sleep at night.

IELTS Preparation Tips

You need to create an effective IELTS preparation strategy to secure more scores in Writing Task 2. Given below are a few tips and tricks you can follow:

# Practice writing on different topics to get a better idea. Practise writing as much as you can.

# Go through previous years Writing Task 2 topics and try to write them.

# Improve your vocabulary by reading grammar books, magazines and newspapers.

# Improve your English language skills. Try to communicate with your mates or relatives who are good at English and are willing to help.

# Manage your time properly so that in the given time during the exam you complete writing about the topic

# Join online coaching if you want to be guided by trained professionals for a better result in the International English Language Testing System.

# Join IELTS Ninja for the best-trained mentors, they help you with your IELTS preparation. Make sure that you achieved the desired band score.

Tips to Secure more Marks in the Exam

Given below are the tips and tricks that will help you secure good marks in the IELTS Writing Task 2 test:

# Focus on collocations (which noun fits which verb)

# Paraphrase correctly to prevent mistakes.

# Use words that are appropriate and related to the question.

# Avoid spelling mistakes.

# Try not to make many grammatical errors.

# Do not use informal language.


Securing a good score in the International English Language Testing System is not that tough. You just need to follow the above-mentioned tactics during your examination. Try to keep it as simple as you can so that you can express your viewpoints more easily.

The more complex you write the essay, the harder it gets for you to express your viewpoints. Because your opinions get lost in the complex sentences that you force yourself to write and end up not making any sense. You might think that you will get more marks if you write complex words but it’s not so. You will end up losing marks if you don’t frame a meaningful sentence with those complex words.

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