IELTS Speaking Video Samples

Here you can find IELTS Video Speaking Test samples. These videos are of real students who took our Interactive IELTS Speaking Test and got their performance analysed by our Speaking assessor. Each student received an individual evaluation report explaining their weaknesses and strengths in a very detailed way. The reports can be downloaded on this page, below each video.

The students kindly gave us permission to share their video samples and reports as educational resources, so that you can learn from them and do better in your own exam. Your video WILL NOT be shared without your permission, should you decide to take our online Speaking test. We guarantee your privacy.

If you need to improve your Speaking, click here to take the Interactive IELTS Speaking test and get your personal evaluation report. It only takes 15 minutes, can be done any time (day or night), and the evaluation report will show your current score and instruct you exactly what to do, to score higher.

In these videos future IELTS test takers are doing a simulated Speaking test, with a goal to estimate their current IELTS score, and learn how to increase it. The breakdown of their scores by 4 IELTS criteria is revealed by the examiner at the end of each video (Fluency and Coherence, Lexical Resource, Grammatical Range and Accuracy, and Pronunciation).

The questions are appearing on the screen as they answer them. Note that every question has a number (Q1, Q2, etc) and the examiner in his evaluation report is referring to students little mistakes in every question. It’s great to watch the entire video first, and then go back to the specific questions as you read its evaluation report. This will help you understand what exactly the examiner means when he says something like

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Q4 – plural ‘cinema’ should be ‘cinemas’ as you are talking in general.

Speaking Test Video Sample 1 – Rafael from Brazil, IELTS Band 8

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