IELTS Speaking Part 3 Question Collection

Animals: Wild animals, hunting and extinction, zoos, pets, animals in research

Art: Exhibitions, modern art, role of art at school, museums, digital art, art at home, graffiti  

Books: Reading for pleasure, novels, digital books, online book shops, books and learning

Childhood: Play, games, toys, behavior, obeying parents, study

Cities : Traffic, city planning, city versus countryside, advantages, pollution, noise pollution, green spaces

Clothes: Fashion, buying online clothes, clothes industry, brand names

Education : Teachers, learning, online learning, preparing for work, skills, universities, sciences versus humanities 

Environment : Global warming, pollution, animals becoming extinct, wildlife protection, deforestation, companies responsibility, individual versus government role 

Family: Family structure and size, role of grandparents, care of the elderly, relationships, extended family 

Food: Restaurants, diets, fast food, healthy eating, obesity, food and children, GM food, supermarkets

Health : Exercise, diet, gyms, routines, obesity, disease, corona virus, stress

Helping / Charity  : Helping others, charities, fund-raising, skills needed, helping poor countries, international aid

Home : Buying and renting homes, types of accommodation, children leaving home, decorating homes, local community 

Jobs : Popular jobs, future jobs, atmosphere at work, motivation, training 

Music : Modern versus traditional, national anthems, style and genres, live concerts, listening to music, being a musician

News : Local versus international, online news, newspapers, reliability, fake news, getting news, family news, journalism

Photography : Taking photos, storing photos, photos as an art form, photos at home, professional photos, selfies

Science: Branches of science, science in everyday life, disease, research, food science, nuclear power, space exploration, the planet

Shopping : Real shops versus online shopping, payments, men and women shopping, habits, fashion, local shops versus shopping malls

Sport: Fitness, gyms, benefits, equipment, extreme sports, Olympic Games, international competitions 

Technology: Artificial Intelligence, the Internet, safety, computers, mobile phones, stress, robots, social media 

Teamwork : Benefits, challenges, competition, children, teamwork at work, international competition in trade

Transportation: Public versus private, advantages and disadvantages, transport in the future, electric cars, 

Travel : Forms of transport, global warming, holidays, tourism, eco-tourism, travel abroad versus domestic, safety

Weather: Global warming, seasons, extreme weather, impact on life, weather forecasts

Work : Popular jobs, jobs for the future, robots, salaries, men-women equality, work-life balance