IELTS Speaking Cue Card

Describe an impressive advertisement you remember well.
You should say:

  • When and where you saw it?
  • What was advertised?
  • What were the contents of the advertisements?

and explain why you remember it well.


There are several advertisements we come across while watching television or surfing the internet. I used to either find advertisement monotonous due to which I didn’t paid much attention to them. Lately, while watching videos on YouTube, a Vicks advertisement grabbed my attention. It was a short story about a transgender woman activist and her adopted daughter.

Vicks is a P&G owned cold and cough brand, which broadcasted a short story on ‘Touch of Care’. The advertisement gave a strong message on adoption and transgender rights. The video commences with a daughter and her transgender mother on their way to the boarding school, recounting all the memories that they’ve cherished together so far. Though her mother wanted her to become a doctor, her daughter reveals her ambition of becoming a lawyer.

The contents of this short digital film were mainly about a close connection between a daughter and mother even though the society opposed to this pure relationship. Gayatri, the adopted daughter wanted to become a lawyer and fight against the unfair legal treatment to transgender in India. The orphan girl innocently questions the society about why her mother is denied fundamental rights if everyone gets this privilege. This question by a naïve child is an eye-opener for the society we live in.

I cannot forget about this particular advertisement mainly because of the stigma shown in it. Even after the Supreme Court passed a law for the transgender, these people continue to face bias and humiliation in the Indian society. In the advertisement which lasted for nearly two minutes, the campaign was successful enough to deliver a powerful moral.

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