IELTS Cue Card #Describe a place in a village that you visited

Describe a place in a village that you visited.
You should say:

  • When did you go and where?
  • Who went along with you?
  • What did you do there?

And how was your experience.

Sample Answer :

Gandhiji once said that soul of India rests in its villages. Villages, in true essence, represent the actual aboriginal habitations. Earlier, there used to be a remarkable difference in the access of amenities between a village and a city. But, over the time, with globalization and digital media, the difference has shrunk to the bare minimum and villages along with their suburbs hold every item of necessity and luxury. Still, they remind of their rustic routine and scenic beauties with ample of open spaces in fields. I visited my village the last Diwali. I heard a lot about art and craft fair, organized by the locals of few neighbouring villages on the eve of Diwali. It was a 3 hrs journey from my hometown.

I went along with my close friend, whom I informed about the festivity in advance. He was my college mate and like me, he too was overly interested in exploring the village culture and traditions. We together went in my car. We were received by my relatives living there with great warmth. After that we were offered the traditional village winter food at home, which we both enjoyed thoroughly.

It was noon then. After taking food, we went on to stroll around the village. I took my friend round the corner, to see the open fields. They were, at that time, laden with wheat harvest still in the ripening stage. Thereafter, we played with cattle and stray dogs. Watching crimson sunset with the clear horizon past the fields was a beautiful experience. In evening, we went to the place where this fair was organized. Already, it had turned into an entertainment zone with the shouts of vendors and exciting shrieks of children, eating sweets and riding different swings. Artefacts that were being sold, were generally made up of mud or wood. Some metal articles were also present.

It went till 10pm. Fair was organized amid the brilliant fireworks played on that panoramic evening. I was too absorbed in that peculiar scent, emanating from the households and cattle sheds in evenings. We bought some beautiful craft articles and ate jalebis prepared out of desi ghee. It was, indeed, a great bash for us. We had finally witnessed the lively village fiesta on Diwali, which made me tremendously joyful.

Suburbssurrounding area: In suburbs of Dehradun, we can easily find wild animals.
Panoramawide view: Scenic photos usually contain the panoramic view of landscapes.
Dwindlediminish rapidly: rate of population growth in our country will dwindle in coming years.
Follow-up Questions

Q. 1 Do you like going to villages?

Sample answer: Yes, after a prolonged exposure to noisy and polluted cities, I always wish to go to quite surroundings of the village. Although, long electricity outages and lack of city comforts start pinching after a few days stay but I always wish to visit a village intermittingly.

Q. 2 What changes do you witness in villages nowadays?

Sample answer: Villages have been getting their facelift for the past few years. Every home in village, now has a toilet and bathroom. Even the govt was very keen on it for personal hygiene. Nearby towns have started including almost every facility, that is available in big cities. Literacy rates have improved significantly and students are selected in competitive exams from villages too. Pucca houses are built in villages nowadays. Broadband connection is reaching there, which in turn makes villagers aware of the latest trends and styles. Therefore, villages are no more the representations of backwardness and obsoleteness.

Q. 3 Why do you think people migrate from villages?

Sample answer: Primarily, people migrate from villages in search of better livelihood opportunities. In villages, there is a lack of infrastructure and apt productive facilities, due to which there is a great pressure on farming resources. To easen this pressure and earn a decent living, people travel to cities.

Q. 4 Do you think urbanization has destroyed the spirit of villages?

Sample answer: Yes, I strongly feel that rapid urbanization had severely damaged the villages’ image and spirit. Organic solidarity, simple lives, intense cooperation are the virtues of bygone days only. Noiseless pollution free lanes in a village is a rarity to be seen today. Tradition of joint families and livestock domestication is also giving way to the individual style of living. Urbanization, definitely has the advantages too but govt should have been careful in sketching the nation’s growth trajectory in such a way so as not to encroach upon the fertile village ecosystem, which used to have its own unique sustainability.

Q. 5 What do you think is the future of villages?

Sample answer: Villages, with their true character and flavour, are already dwindling at a rapid pace. These are, in turn becoming the extensible arms of the neighbouring towns and cities. This process is Rurbanization, which encompasses the physical territories of a rural area into the folds of urbanization. Therefore, we might be calling some places as villages in the future but they will merely be the reflections of cities only.

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