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We got this question from a member of our private Facebook group IELTS writing and speaking support (Feel free to join).

“How can I prepare for the IELTS speaking? I’ve seen the website saying memorizing answers lowers the score. Is that true? How should I refer to model answers on the web?”

An IELTS speaking and writing examiner answers this one.

What you have seen is correct. Memorizing phrases is a very silly way of preparing and they’re very easy to spot. What usually happens is that someone uses these phrases but then falls apart after and makes lots of mistakes with simple speech. This is why only low-level candidates use memorised language.

If your English is good enough, you don’t need to memorise phrases as the conversation with the examiner will move along in a natural way.

This also goes for IELTS writing. There are some many times that I read “This essay is going to discuss both sides of the argument and come to a relevant conclusion” and it is the only correct sentence in their writing!

If you need to memorize phrases, then your English is probably not good enough to get the score you need and you should do some English classes to increase your overall level.
Model answers can help but it depends who they are written by. You see some that are written by people who use such complex vocabulary, you can’t understand what they are saying because they are using it in the wrong context.

If you are asked

“Have you ever climbed a tree?”

Then don’t say

“Yes. Once I embarked on a tree climbing expedition with acquaintances of mine in a fielded paddock when one resided” (This was actually an answer I got to this question!

Instead say

“Yes, I used to climb trees with my friends in the local park” and, of course, add more details.

IELTS speaking is about showing you have the ability to deal with most situations in English, not whether you talk like a thesaurus. Remember, your English is being compared to a native-speaker and native speakers don’t talk like professors.

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