IELTS 10 Test 1 Writing Task 1 – Academic

The two pie charts provided reveal household energy usage proportion and greenhouse gas emissions in Australia.

It is evident that the largest consumed energy percentage comes from heating but the household gas emissions do not come from heating, it is produced from others frequent household energy.

As of Australian household energy use, most of the energy is spent on heating, with 42%, followed by water heating, which accounted for 30%. Energy used for refrigeration, lighting and cooling are 7% and 4% and 2% respectively. 15% of energy usage is used for other appliances.

As of greenhouse gas emission, though heating is the most frequent energy use, its greenhouse gas emissions contribution was only 15%, approximately a third of its household use. Heating water produced the highest greenhouse gas emission with 32%. Interestingly, the other insignificant energy usage were responsible for the largest greenhouse gas emissions, with an amount of 53% in total. Taking refrigeration as an example, it created 14%, which was double compared to its household usage rate. The greenhouse gas emissions from cooling, lighting and other appliances are 3%, 8% and 28% in turn.

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