How Self Learning Program Improves Your IELTS Score? IELTS Exam Preparation Tips

How Self Learning Program Improves Your IELTS Score?

Follow these IELTS exam preparation tips for self-preparation:

Check Your Stage

You won’t know how far away you are from your objective if you don’t know what your present English level is on the IELTS level. As a result, the first stage in any IELTS preparation strategy should be to assess your existing proficiency level. There are several practice exams available. Unless your speech and writing abilities are really high, you now have a good idea of where you stand.

Work on English

You figured one of the steps would be this, right? You may enhance your English using internet resources, books, or any way you like, or you can enrol in a class. You must work on all 4 areas: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. You can, but are not required to, utilize IELTS-specific study resources at this time.

Know The Exam Format

To achieve a high score in this exam, you must improve your English. If a natural English speaker does not prepare for the test, he will not achieve a flawless score. You must understand how the test is scored, how much text is necessary for each prompt, and when marks are deducted or added.

While step two focused on increasing your English abilities, this step is all about putting those talents to good use on exam day.

Test Yourself

There’s one more stage before you register to take the exam if you’ve determined that your English has improved and you’ve acquainted yourself with the test. Re-examine your abilities. Use an IELTS speaking or writing assessment test if you have access to one.

Under no conditions should you skip this critical stage. It’s the only method to determine whether or not you’re ready to pay money to take the official exam. It’s pointless to sign up for the IELTS if you’re not prepared to get the required score.

Is Self-study Enough for IELTS?

Self-study for this exam may be a highly profitable alternative because you can do it almost anywhere and at any time. You are not required to attend a specialized school at a specific time, and the time saved can be used to perform additional self-study. To get that high IELTS score, you still need a good course. Visit IELTS Ninja for world-class mentorship and courses.


There are sites and IELTS preparation materials available to assist you in better comprehending the exam format. Take a close look at the official website to begin. Your objective for this phase is to be highly familiar with the sorts of questions you’ll be asked, how they’ll be assessed, and what tactics you’ll use to improve your score before taking the exam.

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