How long will it take you to get the IELTS band score you need

I’m sure you’d really like to know how long you need to prepare for IELTS and get the band score you need.

You may be wondering if one month is enough time to prepare or whether you need longer. You may have already booked your test or are wondering when you should. You may want to start planning life after IELTS and need to know when that will be.

For all of these reasons, I would love to give you a simple answer, but the truth is there isn’t one because there are so many different factors that affect how quickly you can improve to the level you need.

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So, how can you get a better idea of how much time you need?

The answer is to look at examples of how long it takes other people, and to find the ones that are most similar to you and your situation.

If you’re taking an IELTS preparation or English language course at a school or university …

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The two studies also show that the people who tend to make the biggest improvements in that time are those who start at a lower level (below 5.5), who study for more hours (over 23 a week), and who are more motivated.

One student, for example, studied for around 60 hours a week for three months and improved their band score by 1.0.

Conversely, another student didn’t enjoy their course, was very anxious about the IELTS test, and subsequently showed no improvement in their score at all.

  • The  first study was of Korean students enrolled in IELTS preparation classes in Korea.
  • The second study was of students from different non English-speaking backgrounds taking intensive English language courses in Australia and New Zealand.

Do you think you’re going to improve faster or slower than the average rate?

If you’re preparing for IELTS independently …

You could base your preparation time on how long it takes other people you know (e.g. family members, friends or colleagues) or on success stories you see online.

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