General Writing Task 1

Scholarship Appeal Letter, (Failed to meet GPA requirements)

This is my Scholarship Appeal letter any thoughts, areas of improvement, grammar, or missing information?

I am honored to have been a recipient of the Redhawk Excellence Scholarship, and it has allowed me the opportunity to attend Miami University. Unfortunately, my grades have slowly declined, as a result, I have failed to meet the requirements for the renewal of my scholarship. I am writing to you in the hope that the decision to cancel my scholarship will be reconsidered.

This past semester has been a stressful and difficult one for me. Classes are getting more difficult as I am getting into my major and finishing the Miami Plan which has caused an increase in stress as any other college student would along with depression and anxiety. I was unable to recognize the signs throughout the 2021-2022 school year. Only through a coincidence of someone else’s observations less than a week before the spring term is over that I am becoming aware of what is affecting me. Reflecting on the year it’s becoming clear how these things have affected me throughout the year.

Depression came in the form of loss of motivation and self-worth to the extent of complete disengagement. Often taking the form of the inability to concentrate leads to a disengagement in whatever task I would be doing on a daily basis. Anxiety affected me in the form of worrying about every assignment and study session causing complete disengagement from that activity leading to wasted time and increased stress. Also, a decrease in self-worth caused doubt in my ability and potential, which in turn affected my academics.

As I am approaching the summer and the beginning of my sophomore year at Miami, I plan to start counseling to help me understand and deal with both. This will allow me to stay motivated and allow me to focus on school. Furthermore getting academic help that the university provides at the beginning of the semester. I am extremely disappointed in myself for allowing my GPA to fall to the extent it has, and I want more than anything to improve my condition and my academics. I fully understand the areas in which I need to improve on and ask that you reevaluate the decision to revoke my scholarship. If granted this scholarship again, I will work hard to meet its requirements, which I know that I am fully capable of doing. I thank everyone on this scholarship committee for the opportunity to regain my scholarship and hope that you understand my situation.

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