Life Skills A1 and B1 Course

What you’ll learn

  • Achieve learning outcomes for Band 7+ in every section
  • Exam Strategies and Tactics
  • Successfully overcome IELTS Traps
  • Know what IELTS Examiners want from Speaking and Writing
  • 10+ Assignments to Test Your Knolwedge
  • Time Management Strategies for Score Improvement
  • Course Completely Updated in 2021 (Every Exam Section)


  • Intermediate English


This course now covers the IELTS for Life SKill: B1 IELTS Exams You can receive winning advice and tactics for both the General and Academic by taking this course.

Our strategies are practical and according to our students actually work on the real exam. We have helped thousands of students achieve scores of Band 7-9, jumping from fail to pass. We have more than 10 “Assignments” that you can complete to test your knowledge.

Note: This is a strategy and tactics course that tells you HOW to succeed and How to apply the strategy. We do not sell books and are not booksellers. You must supply your own books we use. Students come to us because we actually show them how to succeed in every part of the exam. We know the exam is challenging, but through our methods, you will succeed.

Note: When you are taking the course, do not feel compelled to study and watch every lecture. Some students need more than one lecture because they are IELTS beginners, and others have experience and need just the first lecture.

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What will you get?

  • be familiar with all parts of the IELTS test   
  • have some useful tips to help you achieve your IELTS goals   
  • understand how the IELTS test is assessed   
  • recognize when answers are given in the Listening Section
  • understand grader expectations to receive and extremely high score