Comparative VS Superlative in IELTS: A Grammar Cage Match

Hey there, fellow IELTS warriors! Today, we’re diving into the epic battle of IELTS Grammar: Comparative vs. Superlative! Let’s get ready to rumble the different match and decide the winner!

Round 1: Who is who

In the left corner, we have the Comparative! It’s like the middle child of the grammar world, always striving for a little more attention. “I’m bigger than him,” it says.

And in the right corner, it’s the Superlative! The undisputed champion of exaggeration, always aiming for the gold medal in the Grammar Olympics. “I’m the tallest,” it boasts.

Round 2: The Formidable Forms

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Comparative takes a simple approach. Just add “-er” or “more” before your adjective or adverb, and you’re good to go. “She’s funnier than a stand-up comedian” – easy peasy!

Superlative, on the other hand, cranks it up to eleven. You either add “-est” or “most” to your word. “He’s the funniest person on the planet!” Superlative always has to be the best, doesn’t it?

Round 3: Irregular Insanity

Now, here’s where it gets crazy. Some words just refuse to play by the rules. Take “good,” for example. Comparative says, “better,” Superlative says, “best.” What’s next? “Goodest”? Nope, English says no!

Then there’s “bad.” Comparative goes with “worse,” and Superlative hits us with “worst.” It’s like they’re competing in a spelling bee, and irregular words are their kryptonite.

Round 4: When to Use Them

Comparative is your go-to when you’re comparing two things. “My cat is lazier than my dog.” It’s like a mini-battle of laziness.

Superlative, on the other hand, is your weapon of choice when you’re talking about the absolute best or worst. “My cat is the laziest creature in the universe!” That’s some serious kitty competition!

Round 5: The Hilarity Factor

The best part about Comparative and Superlative is that they can make any sentence sound dramatic. “My morning coffee is hotter than the surface of the sun!” Who knew your caffeine fix could be so extreme?

Or how about, “Her cat is fluffier than a marshmallow factory explosion!” Now, that’s some serious fur action.

So, there you have it, folks – the ultimate showdown between Comparative and Superlative IELTS Grammar! Remember, while they may be battling it out in the grammar ring, they’re both essential tools for expressing degrees of comparison in English. So, embrace the madness and have fun using these superlative forms in your IELTS essays and conversations. Your language skills will be the “better” or probably the superlative one “bestest” opps!! its “best“.


  1. Comparative:
    • She’s more intelligent than her brother.
    • This book is better than the one I read last week.
    • I speak English more fluently than my friend.
  2. Superlative:
    • She’s the most intelligent person I know.
    • This is the best pizza in town.
    • He plays the guitar the most skillfully among all the musicians.


Exercise 1: Fill in the blanks with the correct form (comparative or superlative) of the adjective in brackets.

  1. My cat is ______ (lazy) than my dog.
  2. This restaurant serves the ______ (delicious) food in the city.
  3. She speaks English ______ (fluently) in our class.
  4. The weather is getting ______ (hot) as summer approaches.
  5. Your idea is ______ (creative) than mine.

Exercise 2: Choose the correct form (comparative or superlative) of the adjective to complete the sentences.

  1. She’s the (smartest / smarter) student in the class.
  2. This movie is (interesting / more interesting) than the last one we watched.
  3. His car is (fast / faster) than mine.
  4. The mountain peak is (high / highest) in the region.
  5. My sister is (good / better) at playing the piano than I am.

Exercise 3: Write sentences comparing the following pairs of people or things using comparative or superlative forms.

  1. The Eiffel Tower / The Statue of Liberty
  2. Your favorite book / Your favorite movie
  3. Winter / Summer
  4. Your current job / Your previous job
  5. Your best friend / Your sibling

Exercise 4: Create your own sentences using comparative and superlative forms. Be creative and have fun with your comparisons!


Exercise 1:

  1. lazier
  2. most delicious
  3. more fluently
  4. hotter
  5. more creative

Exercise 2:

  1. smartest
  2. more interesting
  3. faster
  4. highest
  5. better

Exercise 3: (Example answers)

  1. The Eiffel Tower is taller than the Statue of Liberty.
  2. My favorite book is more interesting than my favorite movie.
  3. Winter is colder than summer.
  4. My current job is more challenging than my previous job.
  5. My best friend is funnier than my sibling.

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