Band 8: Sample Essay

It is often considered that change is more beneficial to people than trying to avoid it and have everything remain the same. Do you think advantages of change outweigh the disadvantages.

Some people think that nothing in life is worth changing if they have a problem. Others want to fix all their trouble. Both sides have their advantages and disadvantages. In this essay, I will understand why these opinions differ. Firstly, I will write about what changes can make a difference in your life. Secondly, I will discuss all drawbacks of the decision to leave everything as it is.

To begin with, by changing your lifestyle you always find something new for yourself and it may turn out that this is exactly what we need to live happily. At some point in my existence, I was mired in a routine and clearly decided for myself that I would change. I changed my social circle to persons who were not at all like me. At first, I thought that it would not lead to anything good. Also, the change of interests scared me a lot however, I still continued to communicate with these people, because they did not wish me anything bad at all. Over time, I realized that I became cheerful and my living conditions were filled with adventures that I was very contented about.

Generally, We don’t always want to change something, because we are already used to what we have, and something new causes fears inside. But, humans who think so are doomed to live with a bad mood, irritability and eternal problems. For example, one of my acquaintances is still wary of large-scale changes in life, which is why he is in a depressed state.

In conclusion, I believe that when your reality is mired in a routine, it urgently needs to be changed. Otherwise, the day will come when you will greatly regret the things you didn’t do.

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